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Aqualight is a German company based in North Rhine-Westphalia which sells reverse osmosis systems with different capacities. Tap water usually contains a very large amount of undissolved substances such as sulfur, chlorine, sodium and many more. Plant growers would be well-advised to remove these salts in order to prevent poor germination of the seeds and to ensure the nutrient uptake of their plants. This is achieved by using reverse osmosis systems for the treatment of drinking water. Aqualight offers these systems in different sizes. The decisive factor for selecting the right system is the amount of water that will be circulated through the system on a daily basis. The product lineup includes both small integrated systems with a throughput capacity of 190 l/day and large models for greenhouses that can handle more than 1000 l/day. The sediment filters remove sand and dirt from the water while the activated carbon filters dissolve unwanted salts and neutralize odor. The special inversion modules offered by Aqualight can even screen bacteria.