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Electronic and conventional ballasts, for example from MST Hybrid, for sodium-vapor lamps and metal-halide lamps, are to be found in this category. For the operation of a sodium-vapor lamp the use of a ballast is mandatory.

The ballast has to be connected in series with the illuminant and is required to be compatible with the type of lamp that is in use, because at the power frequency of 50 or 60 Hz, it reduces the power of the lamp to its rated value. Additionally, for lamps that require an ignitor (like sodium-vapor lamps and metal halide lamps), the ignition circuit needs to be connected in series with the lamp as well.

Due to their inductance, conventional ballasts cause a reactive current in the network. Therefore, we recommend a choke coil when operating 7 or more sodium-vapor lamps. A choke coil is required to filter the frequencies that return into the electricity network through the ballast. Thereby unwanted attention on the part of the electricity supplier can be avoided.