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Bulbs Grow Spectrum - MH

Metal-Halide high-pressure lamps regenerate optimal light for the different growth stages of plants and are especially suitable for the propagation of seedlings respectively the vegetative period. These illuminants have a blue light spectrum and are exclusively for the growth phase of plant-cultivation. For the blooming phase the required red/yellow part is missing. In the first few weeks of cultivation fluorescent tubes should be preferred, since they develop less heat. For hobby gardeners, who like it uncomplicated (and low-priced), there are also dual-lamps that offer both color spectrums, available. Metal-halide high-pressure lamps are available in different sizes and with different power: 150, 250, 400, and 600 up to 1.000 watt. Depending on the area and kind of cultivation, each greenhouse, small or large, can be equipped perfectly.

For the operation of metal-halide lamps the use of ballasts is required - either conventional (magnetic) or electronic ballasts. Magnetic ballasts are available in a variety of constructions types, which all have in common that they need an own starter.

Electronic ballasts on the other hand do not need a starter. The newest generation of these instruments stand out due to their low power consumption and low amperage that provide the same or even higher luminosity. With the application of these kind of ballasts the metal-halide high-pressure lamps become an energy efficient assistant in any greenhouse that provide ornamental and agricultural plants with sufficient light of the appropriate light spectrum.