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CFL Energy Saving Lamps

You want artificial lighting for your plants but a low power consumption should be given? Then you are at the righ place. We offer a variety of ESL-energy-saving lamps for all different development stages of your plants. Available are energy-saving lamps for the growth and blooming phase or as a combination with the mark "dual spectrum", so that the lamps can be used for both: the growth and the blooming phase.

This differentiation shows in the color temperature. For the growth phase a color temperature of 2700 kelvin is intended, whereas the energy-saving lamps for the blooming phase have a color temperature of 6400 kelvin. These lamps are available with an output of 125, 200 and 250 watt for the growth as well as the blooming phase. A low power consumption is guaranteed in all power levels. Depending on the wattage a luminous flux of 8.000 lumen (125 watt) up to 16.000 lumen (250 watt) gets generated. High luminous intensity, low temperature development, a low power consumption and an integrated ballast are the characteristics of this energy-saving lamp. The total length of the lamp is between 37 and 40cm (depending on the wattage). All of them have a diameter of 10cm respectively 12cm with ballast. For the utilization a power outlet with a maximum of 230 volt and an E40-bulb socket are required. In addition a stable reflector is suggested, since the ESL-lamps are heavier than sodium vapor lamps.

The insertion of the lamp should be done very carefully, because they are very damageable and therefore should never be touched at the glass part.