CarbonActive EC Silent Box Fan

CarbonActive EC Silent Box Fan CarbonActive EC Silent Box Fan CarbonActive EC Silent Box Fan CarbonActive EC Silent Box Fan
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The Carbon Active EC Silentboxes are soundproof fans made of galvanized steel and are the latest invention in the field of supply- and exhaust air fans. Constructed for the transportation of middle and small air volume against high resistance, they are suitable for the professional use in industrial and living areas and can be directly integrated to the according pipe systems.

These powerful, yet energy-saving EC fans are developed after the new ERP 2015 norm. They can be adjusted to any desired rotation speed without annoying humming-noises and do not use more than the needed power. The total power consumption is lower, because the pressurization, compared to common AC circular in-line fans with the same airflow (m/h), is 4 times higher. That way the AC fan generates with an airflow of 1000m/h approx. 250 Pa, while the EC fan accomplishes approx. 1200 Pa!

Equipped with centrifugal impeller, EC motor, and maintenance-free ball-bearing for a high static pressure, the Carbon Active EC fan Silentbox offers the highest efficiency. Friction- and redirection losses, as well as power unit resistance are easily overcome by the high pressurization.

The motor speed can be adjusted by an external 0-100 VDC-signal, or via the connection of a 10 kΩ-potentiometer to the controller, expensive regulators become unnecessary. Additionally, the permanent control of the motor speed is possible.

The thermal- and sound insulation ensures a low operation noise with 50mm thick melamine foam, even with a high airflow and pressurization. Easy to open protection caps allow for an uncomplicated maintenance.

These products are only intended for the indoor use for supply- and exhaust of clean air. Do not use in explosive surroundings!

Note: Adjustable EC fans do not run without controller. Suitable controllers are available here:
- Growcontrol Fanspeed EC RJ45
- Growcontrol Fanbase EC
- Growcontrol Growbase EC Pro

Available in different models:
CarbonActive EC Silent Box 280m/h 125mm
CarbonActive EC Silent Box 750m/h 200mm
CarbonActive EC Silent Box 1000m/h 200mm
CarbonActive EC Silent Box 1500m/h 250mm
CarbonActive EC Silent Box 2250m/h 315mm
CarbonActive EC Silent Box 3500m/h 315mm
CarbonActive EC Silent Box 5000m/h 400mm
CarbonActive EC Silent Box 11000m/h 500mm

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