CarbonActive Filter 1000m/h 250mm

CarbonActive Filter 1000m/h  250mm CarbonActive Filter 1000m/h  250mm CarbonActive Filter 1000m/h  250mm CarbonActive Filter 1000m/h  250mm CarbonActive Filter 1000m/h  250mm
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Technical Data - Activated Carbon Filter 1000ZW
- Optimum filter performance at 800m / h
- Power range 250m / h - 1000m / h
- Pressure in Pa: optimal 70, max. 125
- Pressure loss: 80Pa / 1000m / h, 42Pa / 800m / h
- Dimensions: 430 mm, height: 280 mm
- Connection diameter: 250 mm
- Weight: 9.0 kg

Waht is the difference to conventional filters?

Thanks to the new findings and the further developments of activated carbon, we achieve savings of over 50 kg in weight with a 3,000 m/h filter at 18 kg.

As a result of the new type of structure and the targeted alignment to air purification, the new ACFs have a longer lifespan with proper application.

The new ACF has up to 70 % less pressure loss than all conventional ACFs.
NEVER use an oversized ventilator with the new ACF!

Through the sealing of the activated carbon mats with the cover/bottom, no secondary air can be sucked in. Through this process we guarantee a 100 % neutralisation of the sucked-in air, which however precludes an exchange of the activated carbon mats.

The roughing filter is a special F6 grit-fine dust filter. (G3-F6 with Velcro system by Profi-Line) All dirt particle sizes detrimental to activated carbon are retained. The service life of the activated carbon filter is increased as a result. Since more dirt is retained than with conventional filters, it is important to replace the roughing filter on a regular basis.

You can effortlessly attach the ACF to your ceiling with the firmly attached hangers.

All ACFs are delivered in ready-for-shipment, double-corrugated cardboard boxes with handles.Every filter size can be sent per mail without any problem.

The major activated carbon filter (acf) killers

Never smoke near an ACF.
Cigarette smoke is the strongest service life reducer of the activated carbon.

The activated carbon no longer works with humidity over 85%.
No reaction can take place in the filter; therefore the air is not neutralised.

Dirt particles damage and block the activated carbon pore openings, whereby a reaction to neutralise the air can no longer take place at these points.

Pack the ACF airtight and dry.
As a result the ACF can be stored for a longer period.

Applications which are derimental to the activated carbon filter

The use of the ACF without roughing filter
If no rouging filter is used, the dirt particles which penetrate unhindered the ACF, destroy the surface of the activated carbon. The lifespan is sharply reduced.

Filthy roughing filter: If the roughing filter is not exchanged on a regular basis
If a roughing filter is too filthy, it could happen that with high humidity the small dirt particles bind together into a mass and obstruct the roughing filter to such an extent that air is no longer drawn in. The temperature can increase as a result. In this case, immediately change the roughing filter.

If the indicated cubic performance per hour is exceeded
If the filter performance is exceeded (e.g. if a 2,500 m/hour ventilator is attached to a 2,000 m/h ACF), the air?s contact time with the activated carbon is too short and the odour cannot be completely removed.

If the minimal cubic performance per hour falls short (minimum = 25 % of the indicated performance)
If the air volume falls below 25 %, it could happen that a pressure drop occurs in the ACF, and the air no longer provides the velocity required to trigger the desired reaction.

During the course of an application with humidity over 85 %
The olfactory molecules and water molecules combine in the event of excessive humidity. As a result, a reaction can no longer take place in the ACF, and the air passes through un-neutralised.

If the filter is switched on during room cleaning, and an above-average amount of dust ? or even concrete dust ? is sucked in as a result
During the room cleaning the ACF has to be uncoupled from the ventilation, and the ventilator has to be operated without the ACF. Otherwise fine dust and concrete dust will be sucked in. This dust is so fine-grained that not even the roughing filter can retain it, and so it is detrimental to the activated carbon. If the moisture increases again later, the ACF can become obstructed through the remoistened concrete dust.


If you place the ACF in your room, you should make sure that? circulating air ventilator directly blows into the ACF. humidifier is placed underneath the ACF.

...the ventilation is switched off if water atomizers are utilised for the air humidifying.

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