• Chili Seeds

    If you love spicy foods and want to use fresh exotic chilis in your cooking, it's best to grow your own. If you can meet a couple of essential conditions such as providing light and heat, chili plants are easy to grow from seed and soon reward the effort with a rich yield. more...

    First, you should be clear about just how hot you want your chilis to be. Wilbur Scoville developed a scale just for this purpose which is now called the Scoville unit. The number of Scoville units indicates the amount of capsaicin present in the chili; it is capsaicin which determines the level of spiciness in the fruit. The higher the value (in Scoville units), the hotter the pepper is.

    The shop offers seeds from rather mild and aromatic chili varieties such as "Apache" and "Bishops Crown" as well as from those of the more severe varieties such as "Serrano" or "Habanero Red Chili." However, by far the highest and even often referred to as inhumane spiciness can be found in "Naga Morich Red Chilis," which require extra special caution when eating or even just handling them.

    We recommend getting the seeds of different chili varieties so that you always have on hand the right pepper for just the use you have in mind.