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Compact Fluorescent Lamps - CFL

For the growth of your plants and the reduction of your electricity costs.

In this category you will find extremely energy-efficient lighting for the growth and flowering phase of your plants. It needs different light depending on the stage of development of the plant. In the growth phase, a colour temperature of 2700 Kelvin is optimal for plants, while Compact Fluorescent lamps (CFL) with a colour temperature of 6400 Kelvin are suitable for the flowering phase. For both phases we offer 125, 200 and 250 watt lamps in our shop. The power consumption of the respective lamp is low in all wattage levels. Beginners and operators of a rather small indoor surface mount can opt for a dual lamp (marking: Dual Spectrum). It provides the correct illumination and colour temperature for Growth and flowering. Dual lamps are also available in 125, 200 and 250 Watt wattages. For a set is more suitable for larger plants.

Simple very economical.

Depending on how many watts the lighting is operated with, this results in a luminous flux of 8,000 lumens (125 watts) to 16,000 lumens (250 watts). Energy-saving lamps are characterised by high luminous intensity, low temperature development, low power consumption and an integrated ballast. In combination with a reflector, the light is distributed evenly and over the entire surface so that every plant is optimally illuminated. With an additional light meter you can easily display the intensity of your indoor grow lamps and make adjustments if necessary.

From hobby gardener to planting expert.

The total length of the lamps is between 37 and 40 cm (depending on the wattage). The diameter of all lamps is 10 cm or 12 cm with ballast. A power supply with a maximum of 230 volts and an E40 socket are required for use. A stable reflector is also recommended, as these Compact Fluorescent lamps (CFL) are heavier than sodium vapour lamps. When inserting the lamps, extreme caution is required as they are very sensitive and should therefore never be touched by the glass. For an even more efficient energy balance of lighting, it is worth buying a timer that regulates the use of light.