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Complete Grow Tent Kits

Growbox Complete Sets - Ready. Complete Set. Grow!

A Growbox Complete Set is the right choice for the beginning, because you are directly best equipped for your indoor growing project. Our complete sets consist of:

  • Growbox in the size of your choice
  • HPS (sodium vapour lamp) matched to the growbox, including accessories such as suspension, reflector, and much more.
  • A suitable tube fan including additional equipment such as an activated carbon filter, ventilation hose, etc.
  • All technical accessories such as ballasts, timer, extension cable, etc.

A fully furnished home for your plants

Our growbox sets contain perfectly coordinated accessories so that you don't have to laboriously put together the individual components yourself. The decisive question is no longer which equipment you need, but how big you want to start. We have a wide selection for you, from small grow box sets to large grow tent sets.

Sets for every budget: from the cheap grow box set to the premium grow box complete set. Above we have three categories:

We would like to briefly introduce you to the differences between the three sets:

HOMEbox Sets are high-quality growboxes, equipped with 2 viewing windows on the left and right from the Q100 model and the all-known features such as robust zips, fine screen insect protection, OmniFlow airvents and, of course, the optimally reflective PAR+ interior coating. Double bottom: In addition to the well-known waterproof insert floor, all models are equipped with an additional fixed tent floor. The HOMEbox grow tents are very stable and carry a lot of weight, depending on the model (20kg, 50kg, 75kg, 150kg, 200kg) It is beige on the outside and white on the inside and integrates perfectly into your living space. All in all - high quality grow tents.

There are two categories of Secret Jardin growbox sets. Hydro Shoot is a low budget entry level model with correspondingly fewer features. The Secret Jardin Dark Room Sets version 4.00 have more openings and viewing windows compared to other growboxes. Made with an indestructible Ø25mm stainless steel structure for the highest durability on the market. Thanks to the Ducting Flange System included, you can optimise your ventilation i.e. you can position and cut out the openings for air inlets & outlets freely according to your gusto, here is a video about it. It also features 360° openings for easy access to your plants and has a super strong fibrous water tray lining. The Dark Room Growboxes R4.00 are black on the outside and reflective silver on the inside. The accessories package is outstanding, ranging from straps as suspension for the filters to hooks for the lighting, clips for cables and many more...

All the grow boxes in the complete sets are of course waterproof, lightproof, airtight and tearproof.

So, what do you want to start your homegrow with? We will be happy to advise you by email or phone. You can also tell us your budget and your plans, and we will put together an individual grow box set tailored to your project.

Lighting in the Growbox Complete Set

Every growbox set is equipped with a grow lamp that is optimally adapted to the size of the box. This can be a sodium vapour lamp (HPS), a metal halide lamp (MH) or a dual lamp. HPS lamps are ideal for the flowering phase of your plants, while MH lamps are best suited for the growth phases. Dual bulbs combine HPS and MH bulbs in a cost-effective way.

In addition to a bulb, our complete growbox sets also include a reflector, a ballast and a suspension for the lamp. In short: everything you need so that your growbox is evenly illuminated everywhere and the same lighting conditions prevail for all plants.

Air exchange in the Growbox Complete Set

Our complete growbox sets also provide an air exchange system that is tailored to your new growbox. The exhaust air set consists of a high-quality tube fan, including an activated carbon filter, ventilation hoses and hose clamps. In addition, you ensure perfect circulation in your growing environment with a circulation fan. In this way, you ensure that your plants are exposed to optimal conditions and that any odours do not spread throughout your home. The tube fan sucks air out of your grow box through an activated carbon filter, which cleans the air from odours, and blows the cleaned air out of the grow box.

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