• Design flower pots

    Our design flowerpots, that are mostly made of plastic, are perfectly suitable for individualists. Whether it is a window box flowerbox or plant pot - every plant will look good in them. In the variety of goods you find special plant pots like for example the "corsica vertical garden", which is stackable. By the way the plant pot is available in a variety of different forms and colors just as the plant trays and flower boxes. more...

    Who want to grow has the option to choose between other pot sizes like the grow pot green basics which is available in a diameter of 11, 13 and 24 cm. Despite the fact that the pot is called green basics it is available in terracotta or white. Don't forget to order the fitting tray right away with it.

    An extraordinary flower box is the "corsica birdgarden". This balcony box is not only a flower box but has a birdhouse integrated as well. That way you can enjoy taking care of the birds even in winter.

    A very nifty design you can get with the plant pot "pure soft" or "pure straight". The balcony box "corsica" is in the color cherry or lime green an eye-catcher on every terrace. But also for the window sill or dinner table you will find something suitable in the product range, like for example the elegant orchid pot "brussels" in white. Not only flowers can please the heart. In our product category design flower pots you find also herbage pots in exciting colors and forms. The herbage pot "brussels duo S" comes with kitchen scissors for a fast harvest.