Fertometer ? Fertilizer measurement device for potted plants

Fertometer ? Fertilizer measurement device for potted plants Fertometer ? Fertilizer measurement device for potted plants Fertometer ? Fertilizer measurement device for potted plants
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Fertometer ? Fertilizer measurement device for potted plants

If a plant doesn?t grow or bloom properly, the cause is often a wrong fertilization. It is always the question if it is recommended to fertilize or if it was too much fertilizer? This uncertainty comes to an end with the Fertometer!

Just put the pole of the Fertometer into the potting soil and press the button. One of the lights will illuminate:
Red light: do not put more fertilizer: there enough or too many nutrients
Green light: optimal fertilization: put fertilizer to keep the nutrient storage at this level
Yellow light: Caution! Fertilize now: the soil does not contain enough nutrients

For a proper measurement a few requirements are important:
- To receive reliable measuring results, it is important, that the potting soil is completely moist! If this is not the case, water first and wait at least 30 minutes before measuring. The best way is to water in the morning and measure at noontime
- Make sure, that the pole is clean during measurement
- You get the best results at a temperature between 18 and 23 °C
- After measuring, clean the pole and store the device at a dry place, to prevent oxidization. In case that the meatal of the pole turns blunt, you can carefully use a moist pot-sponge to clean and a soft cloth to dry
- Never leave the Fertometer in the pot after measuring!

Of the pot is bigger, it is recommended, to measure at different spots of the pot or bucket. Three to five measurements give a sufficient statement about the available nutrients.

In spring, the plant should be provided with new potting soil, or be transplanted into a bigger pot. Old potting soil gradually collects all kinds of salts (recognizable due to the white marks at the edge of the pot) whereby the plant becomes salty over time, the leaves turn yellow and the plant stops growing.

The Fertometer is run by a 9V Monobloc battery type 6LR61 (not included). To test the battery, press the button ? the yellow light should illuminate. If this is not the case, or if the light turns off again, the battery is empty.

Caution: The Fertometer is not suitable for liquids.

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