• Flower-Boxes

    Flower boxes primarily offer the ability to simply and beautifully decorate balconies and windows. These boxes need only be attached securely to the balcony railing or windowsill, filled with soil and then planted. With flower boxes, you can enjoy beautiful plants and flowers even without your own garden. You don't only have to decorate your balcony or window with pretty flowers, either. Various types of vegetables and herbs are also easy to grow in flower boxes. more...

    For example, you can harvest your own tomatoes, spicy chives or fresh parsley in the summer. Your palate is not only satisfied, but growing your own vegetables and herbs is also healthier due to the lack of pesticides and other pollutants.

    Flower boxes are also beautiful alternatives to normal round flower pots in the garden or house.

    Our selection of flower boxes includes pretty and decorative models to meet all of your needs. Choose from various sizes to meet your needs. Keep in mind that some plants need more room to flourish, in which case a larger flower box may be the better choice. If you have any questions about our flower boxes, you can simply contact us via the "Product Question" button.