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Fungal Infestations

If you recognize any kind of mycosis at your plants or vegetables, you should act as soon as possible. The mycosis diminishes the harvest and has negative effects on the plant growth. In these regions we often have to fight for example these types of mycosis: powdery mildew, filamentous fungi. In our extensive product range we offer a diversity of additives for an effective control of the mycosis. You have the choice between an aerosol can and a squeeze bottle. Our products against mycosis are not just able to fight the infection but also boost the plant growth. The main principle of the active components is, that it soaks into the plant tissue and then spreads through the sap. Due to the distribution through the whole plant the mycosis gets attacked promptly and cannot continue to spread further or at best disappears completely. To fight mycosis it is important when the treatments begins. In this case it is: the earlier the better. Do not hesitate if you recognize a mycosis at your plants at home Our bottles for mycosis control are the perfect solution and our product range offers a variety of choices for fair prices. Benefit from our excellent conditions and safe money.