• Green Gifts

    The sowing /growing sets contain plant or herbage seeds, which you have to sow and grow yourself at home. A set contains everything needed for a successful growing. It is composed of the particular seeds and comes either with a suitable pot or another growing container for example a jute sack or can. more...

    There are herbs or herbal sets, flowers, tee or several kind of sprouts available. Some herbs are also available as organic seeds. Plants that are marked as organic seeds have been grown without any kind of chemical additives or chemical fertilizer. In addition they do not need any fertilizer for growing them. Herbal sets contain several different seeds and come with either growing pots or a zinc bin to be placed on the windowsill.

    Our miniature greenhouses are complete growing sets that contain seeds, pots and potting soil. You can grow tomatoes, herbs or several types of tee. The flower cans come with seeds and high quality flower soil as well as a pressed coco pad to sow the seeds at the ground of the can. They are lovely packed and are perfect as a gift for a friend or loved one. The growing of herbs and flower seeds is not very difficult and therefore also suitable for hobby gardeners.