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Grow Sets

The indoor cultivation of plants often brings certain challenges with it. To meet the requirements such as the right lighting and ventilation, as well as the proper fertilizer for your plants, we offer our grow sets. The sets are available in different versions, for hobby gardeners and beginners, as well as for growers with more experience.

For that reason, you have the choice between the 'Beginner Grow Sets' and the 'Advanced Grow Sets'. For the ideal illumination of the plants, all grow sets include an illumination set as well. These differ in the different sets concerning the wattage of the illuminant. The beginner and advanced sets are each available with a 150 watt, 250 watt, 400 watt, or 600 watt illuminant. The choice of the proper illuminant depends on the number of plants that is desired to be cultivated.

Since the plants also need a good ventilation to grow, the advanced sets also contain a ventilation set. For the beginner sets, the ventilation sets can be purchased separately. The contained fertilizer completes the grow set. Here, the beginner and advanced sets vary in the type of fertilizer. In the beginner sets a HESI fertilizer starter set for soil is included and the advanced sets come with the CANNA fertilizer set for soil.