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GrowControl Co2 Climate Complete-Set

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Multifunctional digital climate controller with time switch function and CO2-mode

GROWBASE DUO is the control center for the ambitioned indoor-gardener. It is possible to connect different devices and sensors. The four power outlets enable the operation of several devices, since they can be adjusted to different functions. The number of power outlets can be extended with an additional device up to 25. GROWBASE EC PRO is suitable for the control of conventional fans, as well as EC-fans. Thereby a high flexibility is guaranteed even at changing setups. Next to the main functions of temperature and humidity regulation, this device also controls the CO2-content.

With the RJ45-socket on the side the following devices can be connected:
- EC-fans for supply air
- EC-fans for exhaust air
- CO2-sensor
- Underpressure sensor
- Temperature sensor for heating mats
- Outlet extension (additional power outlets)

The climate controller keeps temperature and humidity in the grow room constantly at the desired value. It generates a consistent underpressure to prevent the discharge of odors. In addition, time switch functions (Interval and day time switch with variable length) are available. One of the power outlets can be used for devices with up to 2.300 watt, which makes the connection of fan-heaters possible.

The climate controller consists four power outlets, which are intended for the connection of the following devices:
- Air supply and extractor fans
- Lamps
- Humidifier / air dehumidifier
- Irrigation pumps
- Air circulating fans
- Electrical heaters
- Heating mats
- CO2-valves

The function of two of the four power plugs can be selected over the multilingual menu (English, German). The revolution speed of the supply air- and extractor fans gets variegated by the controller according to the adjusted values. It is possible to select different revolution speeds for day- and nighttime.

CO2-sensor for GrowBase EC PRO
The CO2-sensor analyzes the CO2-concentration of the room air. With the included cable it is easily connected to the climate controller GROWBASE EC PRO. Thereby the oxygen content of the room air can be regulated. The sensor can be hung up with the loop at the housing or with the included Velcro strip.

Technical Details:
- Dimensions (LxWxH):25mm x 50mm x 110mm
- Cable length sensor: approx. 5m
- Measurement-interval: 15 s
- Measurement range: 0-2000ppm
- Protection class: IP40
- Allowed operating temperature: 10-40°C

The CO2-valve is needed to use the CO2-function of the GROWBASE EC PRO or GROWBASE XT. The kit is already installed and contains all components that are needed in addition to the controller, if applicable a CO2-sensor and a CO2-bottle. The pressure regulator adjusts and displays the flow rate per minute, as well as the residual pressure of the CO2-bottle.

The connection on the pressure regulator is compatible with customary CO2-bottles (W 21.8x1/14" according to DIN 477 #6)

The CO2-valve is run with 230 V and approved and suitable for the special application.

Technical details:
- Dimensions (LxWxH): 200mm x 200mm x 80mm
- Hose length: approx. 3m
- Cable length: approx. 2.5m
- Power supply: 230V~ 40mA 50-60Hz
- Adjustment flow rate CO2: 5-30 l/min

GrowControl Co2 climate complete set consists of:
- GrowControl GrowBase EC PRO
- GrowControl Co2-valve pressure regulator
- GrowControl Co2-sensor
Product weight: 3,62 Kg

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