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Hammered Finish Reflectors

Good illumination is half of the battle.

Today, reflectors have become standard in both large and small greenhouses. Just point the beam in the direction you want, promoting a targeted and effective use of your plant lighting exactly where the light is needed.

Hammered reflectors are the ideal beginning lights and the most classic reflectors. They are favorable for the wallet, but are not in any way inferior to similar, more expensive products. They feature E40 sockets with luster terminals, pre-assembled brackets and cable strain relief. Eyelets at the rear serve as a suspension mount. Hammered reflectors defuse the reflected light that can be optimally aligned by way of the flexible wing.

Our range also includes Adjust a Wings reflectors. Although they lie on the higher end of the price spectrum, they can be installed and positioned in many different ways. Adjust a Wings reflectors cover up to 90% more space than, for example, the standard reflector and allow for a more diverse positioning of the illuminant and angle. They produce less heat and save energy. Adjust a Wings reflectors are the ideal tools in the daily work of growers with an attention to quality.

Whether you opt for a stucco reflector or an Adjust a Wings reflector, both products are a quality choice. If you work with energy-saving or LED lamps, we also offer special reflectors with sockets that can carry the extra weight of energy-saving lamps.