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HomeLab Grow Tent Kits

This is where your plants feel at home

HomeLab Sets are ideal for hobby indoor-gardeners and beginners. On a small room in an indoor tent, they offer everything needed for the propagation of seedlings. The growboxes create the perfect environmental conditions for plant cultivation, because the tents are equipped with a ventilation system and lighting for the growth phase and the flowering phase. Because of the high-quality manufacture of the materials and an improved functionality, the HomeLab sets V2.0 are favored internationally.

Available are several sizes of growboxes, as well as different intensities of illumination. The HomeLab indoor tents are lined with a silver coating on the inside, to optimally reflect the light. Also the zippers are provided with a coating that holds of light and odors. The installation is very easy and additional tools are not required. A longevity and high endurance of the growboxes are given through fine seams and a close meshed, two-ply outer layer, as well as solid frames and corner joints.

Due to transparent viewing windows, the control of the cultivation can be done without interfering with the conditions inside. Fine sieve insect screens, incorporated at the air inlets, provide maximum protection against invaders. Growboxes with cool tube include complete exhaust air systems with circular in-line fans and activated carbon filters by PrimaKlima. The pots with the plants can be placed directly on the waterproof floor mat. Thanks to their compact construction and carrying capacity, the HomeLab suit any household
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