SMSCOM Hybrid Controller Pro 8A

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Hybrid controllers use software-based temperature sensor technology combined with a mechanical system to control fan speed. They keep the temperature in your room constant and simultaneously ensure constant air flow. The ideal solution for maximum noise reduction during the operation of exhaust fans - no humming or buzzing from the different kinds of fans - GUARANTEED!

Once you have set your desired temperature level and minimum fan speed, the hybrid controller automatically creates the ideal climate by automatically adjusting the fan speed in a sequence of up to five levels. The perfect synchronization of both fans ensures negative pressure. The hybrid controller is ready for operation immediately - no wiring necessary. Simply plug in your fan, set the desired temperature and minimum fan speed and the hybrid controller does the rest.

Program the hybrid controller!

Automatic: The controller automatically handles up to five different speed settings to maintain your chosen temperature.

1. Place the controller in an appropriate place and position the temperature sensor in the center of the cultivated area. Do not place    the temperature sensor at a location where the temperature display can be distorted, such as in sunlight or in the cool air stream of    the ventilation system.
2. Connect the supply fan on the left side and the exhaust fan on the right side of the controller.
3. Plug the control unit into a power outlet and switch it on.
4. Set the desired temperature with dial 1.
5. Set the desired minimum fan speed with dial 2.

The control unit will now automatically control the fan speed between levels 1 and 5.

Manually adjust the fan speed between levels 1-5.
1. Turn the dial to the highest setting (45 degrees Celsius)
2. With dial 2, you can now manually regulate the speed between levels 1-5. The manual setting can only be used at an ambient    temperature of 45°C or below.

In operation:
The hybrid controller uses a power relay to control the power when the control unit switches between the various speed levels. You will hear a click when the relay switches between levels. The power relay ensures that the running controller is always stable and reliable.

Maximum load: 8A or 1800 W
(The total wattage that can be obtained from the entire device. Either split or through a single outlet.)

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