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Illuminance / Green light

Illuminance is a measure for the amount of light that falls on a surface. Illuminance is measured in lux (lat. light). If the source of light and the surface diverge from each other, the units of illuminance decrease. The type of illuminance has to be defined individually, because the surface of the measured objects can be designed diversely and therefore has to be measured/ calculated differently.

The handling of an analogue light meter is easily understood. A check of the desired luminance is conducted very simply with these lux measurement instruments. A calibration isn´t necessary with analogue light meters and you don´t need batteries.

To measure the illuminance for plants, you position the light meter right at the height of the head of your plant. The lux meter should directly point in the direction of the light source and there shouldn´t fall a shadow onto the measurement instrument. With the help of the defaults you can get reliable measurement results very fast and without much effort.

Even with lateral light incidence, prezise measurements are possible with a digital light meter that has a sensor head. The sensor of the lux meter is robust and provides most exact results up to 432.000 lux - that matches the intensity of a green laser pointer. By way of comparison: On a bright and sunny day the units of illuminance amount to 100.000 lux.