Naga Morich Yellow Chili Seeds

Naga Morich Yellow Chili Seeds Naga Morich Yellow Chili Seeds
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The Naga Morich Yellow chili seed grows peppers with a rich yellow color. It is a part of the Capsicum chinese genus and thus closely related to the habanero and the Buht Jolokia chili from India, with which it shares a number of characteristics. Unlike its close cousins, Naga Morich Yellow chilis are not smooth, but instead have a wrinkled and wavy surface. This gives these chilis more surface area despite their small size, allowing them to achieve a very high level of heat.

Next to the Buht Jolokia chili, once the hottest chili in the world, the fruits of the Naga Morich Yellow Chili are the hottest of their kind (heat level of 10+), which under optimal conditions reach values?of 1 million Scoville. To achieve these levels of spiciness, the Naga Morich Yellow needs lots of warm sun as it grows. The plant bears far more fruit than, say, the Buht Jolokia, but has smaller pods.

- Type: Capsicum chinense
- Contents: 10 pieces
- Level: 10 +++
- Scoville: up to 1 million SHU
- Optimal germination temperature: 26 - 32 ° C
- Sowing: Dec. - Apr.
- Flowers: white (Jun.- August)
- Growth Habit: bushy, about 80-100 cm high
- Maturing: from green to yellow
- Appearance of the fruit: elongated, tapered, uneven surface, about 2 x 6 cm
- Maturity: 100 - 120 days
- Origin: India / Bangladesh

Note on extremely hot peppers: only handle while wearing gloves. Keep away from children and people sensitive to spicy foods.

Look under Growing Chilis for a guide on cultivating your own chili garden.

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