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Extractor Fans

Extractor Fans for full pipe Fresh air

A fan is recommended for air supply over longer distances and pipes. Pipe fans are used indoors for the extraction of pollutants and for ventilation. If the ventilation is not close to an external wall, the supply air can be controlled via a wall fan or other models. The particularly powerful PrimaKlima tubular fans ensure a healthy climate and good growth conditions in small and large rooms. Axial fans are generally the most common models. Fans with Ball bearings are more durable but also more cost-intensive. Insert fans or also a pipe insert fan can be inserted directly into the ventilation pipe.

For a lot of air, but little noise.

Thanks to their low speed, they are very quiet in operation. Silent blowers are especially suitable for grow tents, which are set up in the living room or near the living room. BLUE LINE fans from PrimaKlima are extremely powerful and at the same time belong to the quietest small room fans on the market. This is mainly due to their low speed, which they achieve with a special paddle wheel. All PrimaKlima fans are easy to regulate by means of a step transformer or speed controller.

Fresh air supply without temperature fluctuations.

In addition to fans, the manufacturer Prima Klima also offers high-quality climate controllers for supply and exhaust air systems. With the reliable climate controllers your breeding room always has the optimal temperature and the necessary vacuum. In our online shop you will also find a selection of individual Cooltube reflectors as well as complete Cooltube sets containing ballast and lamps. With the help of these devices you can easily and reliably regulate the temperature when growing plants. The ventilation times can also be easily regulated with a timer. In cold temperatures, plastic that is often used is generally suitable because it cannot freeze.