RADIX pro® 350g box Bio 100%

RADIX pro® 350g box Bio 100% RADIX pro® 350g box Bio 100% RADIX pro® 350g box Bio 100%
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RADIX pro® is 100 % organic, sustainable and conformable with the EG-ecological legal regulation (EU) approved for the use as soil-enrichment for bio-cultivation.

The comparison with a sponge illustrates the effect of RADIX pro®. It saves water, as well as all nutrients and thereby holds them available for the plants whenever they are needed. This unique characteristic guarantees an optimal supply for the plant and the best possible use of nutrients. Thanks to the improved soil organism and the more intense rooting, the plants receive a higher immunity towards diseases and pests. That way the entire energy concentrates on the growth and blossom.

RADIX pro® is suitable for all types of soil or substrates, for hydro, as well as the indoor and outdoor cultivation.

Healthy Plants
The plants are visible healthy and vital during the entire growing season. They are not only bigger, but also show more intense colors and the blossoms are definitely more beautiful. The results are a lush harvest and an intensified taste and aroma at the same time. Due to the strong rooting, most microbiological processes get optimally catalyzed. Therewith RADIX pro® also suits the cultivation for medical purposes.

Advantages RADIX pro®:
- Improved soil organism!
- Stronger rooting!
- Higher immunity towards diseases and pests!
- The plant can concentrate its own energy on growth and blossom!
- Lush harvest!
- Intensification of taste and aroma!
- Saves money and time, because less fertilizer and less frequent watering is needed (up to 50%)!
- Due to the perfect nutrient uptake up to the last day before harvest, flushing is not mandatory!
- RADIX pro® is perfectly suitable for the cultivation for medical purposes!

Details RADIX pro®:
- Regulation and stabilization of the soil-wetness
- Repository effect for nutrients, deferred nutrient-release and thereby a higher utilization of the fertilizer
- Loosening of the soil structure
- Approved as soil-sdditive for bio-cultivation
- Intensification of natural processes in the soil
- pH-value stabilization
- RADIX pro® is 100 % VEGAN and free of any chemical additives

Application RADIX pro®:
Mix RADIX pro® evenly with the potting soil. Very important: use considerable less fertilizer and water from the beginning. Every watering and fertilization is a lot more effective and lasts longer. RADIX pro® can be used in every vegetation period, for cuttings or seedlings, for plants in the growth phase, as well as the flowering stage and also for mother plants.

- 350 g box for approx. 20 l soil

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