Root Pouch Planting Pot black 3,8 l

Root Pouch Planting Pot black 3,8 l Root Pouch Planting Pot black 3,8 l Root Pouch Planting Pot black 3,8 l
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Root Pouch Fabric Containers

Made from 100% recycled materials

- Better than black plastic
- Boosts plant growth and yields
- Fabric allows roots to breath
- Prevents roots from circling
- Pots are washable and last for multiple seasons
- Keeps plants warmer in winter & cooler in summer
- Pot allows plant to be placed outside quicker
- Saves up to a week off vegetative growth cycle
- Can be used with drip systems, overheads & hydroponic flood trays

How to Use:
Root Pouch plant pots can be used to grow plants of any size and type,
and is also ideal for transporting plants because they are lightweight,
durable and come equipped with carrying handles.
Potted plants and trees will enjoy healthy growth while above-ground,
and can also be planted directly in the ground, where the pot will degrade to allow the roots to take hold in the natural environment.
The Root Pouch plant pot can be used successfully in many different climate and soil conditions, from desert sand to clay.

What makes Root Pouch plant pots a more sustainable gardening option?

Root Pouch plant pots used reclaimed plastic bottles that would otherwise be sent to our landfills.
This not only recycled old plastic, it prevents the need for new plastic to be created,
which saves petroleum and fossil fuels from being used.

What makes Root Pouch plant pots a better choice for healthier plants?

Root Pouch plant pots are more breathable and water-efficient, encouraging a more fibrous,
dense root structure and preventing roots from circling. They also provide superior insulation,
protecting plants against winter cold and summer heat.

What are Root Pouch plant pots made of?

Root Pouch plant pots are made of PETE (polythehylene terephthalate) derived from plastic bottles.
This material is spun into fibers that are mixed with recycled cotton fibers.

We are asked at times does our fabric have the strength of other fabric pots?

And Will our fabric rip or tear under pressure?

The main reason fabric pots are so widely used is to create a better plant by providing a breathable healthy growing environment.

Fabric pots, unlike traditional black plastic pots, allow water and air to flow through its walls, nourishing the root structure of the plant.
It also does not allow the plants roots to circle once they meet the resistance of the walls of the pot. Instead,
through a couple of different means they cause the plant to send out new fibrous roots rather than circle and harm the plant.

Root Pouch Company is the only Company that uses both recycled plastic fibers along with natural fibers.
These natural fibers mixed into the netting of the fabric will retain moister more evenly around the pot.
While allowing the fabric to breathe it is also now helping in cooling down the plant in summer as well as helping to warm the plant in winter,
similar to a blanket surrounding the tender roots. Due to the natural fibers within the structure,
the fabric will have different tinsel strengths depending on the density of the fabric.
Root Pouch makes 7 different densities of fabric depending on the pot strength that is required.
Regardless of the density the pots are guaranteed to always hold the weight that is required for that size of container.

Keep in mind our goal is to make the finest growing container that will produce the healthiest plants with the highest yields of any other containers on the market.
Our pots can be reused over and over again with the tinsel strength and holding capabilities that our growers demand.
You cannot find a better quality pot on the market, guaranteed!

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