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SANlight Led Grow Lamp Q-Series S2.1 Gen2

Item no.: Q_S2.1 Gen2

  • LED Modules 50W, 120W, 165W, 205W, 245 Watt
  • 90% Light output after 100,000 operating hours
  • passive cooled, noiseless, maintenance-free
  • full spectrum, dimmer & booster optional
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There are variations of this item. Please select the variation you wish.


The second generation of the SANlight Q-series. Plant lighting light years ahead.

light your indoor grow now even more flexible and efficient. With the new Q-Series models from the technological market leader SANlight, you can optimally illuminate your cultivation area thanks to best system efficiency and simple usability. Each light consists of several light modules, which are equipped with the latest 2mm² LED chip technology and thus generate a broadband light spectrum in an extremely energy-efficient way.

Even indoors, let the sun rise.

95% of the photons are directed directly to the mounting surface by the secondary optics, which provides additional protection for the LED luminaires. It can be easily cleaned and the light output of the lamps is thus maintained at a constant level. Meanwhile, the revised cooling system ensures that the LED chip does not heat up too much (i.e. below 70°C) and the mechanical connection to the supply rail is thus secured.

For universal use - SANlight Q series with broadband light spectrum

All Q-Series models have a broadband and continuous light spectrum, which is ideal for fruit producing plants. Their shape enables homogeneous illumination of rectangular growing areas. Their light is ideal for light-hungry plants in the vegetative phase and short day plants in the generative phase. The individual lamps are daisychainable with each other and can be supplied with power from one power connection.

Latest update: the lamp upgrade

Technical data:

  • Broad-band, continuous light spectrum especially for fruit producing plants
  • Power consumption: 120 to 245 Watt
  • Power factor: >0.95
  • beam angle: 90°
  • rectangular and homogeneous illumination of the culture surface
  • Input voltage range: 90 - 305
  • emission waveband: 400 - 780
  • protection class: IP40
  • passively cooled
  • interchangeable Light Modules
  • 90% light output after 100,000 hours
  • daisychainable
  • ready-to-dimm
  • ready-to-boost

Attention! Each Q-Series LED light has an empty plug at the end of the light. Different dimmers (magnetic dimmerand Bluetooth dimmer can be connected to this connector.

Typical application:

  • INDOOR lighting of light intensive plants in the growth and flowering phase
  • cultivation of ornamental and useful plants (all cultivation areas)
  • Complete and environmentally friendly replacement of sodium vapour lamps (ECO setup)
  • yield maximisation compared to sodium vapour lamps (EXPERT setup)

Included in delivery are no cables, you will find them in the selection of the article. Lamp hangers are also optional, you can find them here under Spare parts and accessories

variant contains:

  • SANlight Q3W S2.1 Gen2 120W
  • SANlight Q3WL S2.1 Gen2 120W
  • SANlight Q4W S2.1 Gen2 165W
  • SANlight Q4WL S2.1 Gen2 165W
  • SANlight Q5W S2.1 Gen2 205W
  • SANlight Q6W S2.1 Gen2 245W
  • SANlight magnetic dimmer for Q series Gen2
  • SANlight power cable for Q series Gen2
  • SANlight extension cable 1m for Q series Gen2
  • SANlight extension cable 2m for Q series Gen2
  • SANlight H-distribution block for Q series Gen2
  • SANlight cover for H-distribution block of Q series Gen2

The special features of the individual variants

SANlight Q3WL with 120W

The SANlight Q3WL Grow Lamp of the second generation consists of 3 Q-modules with a wide spacing, which create an efficiency of 312 PPF in their emission wavelength range.
The necessary power consumption of the SANlight Q3WL is 120 Watt, the maximum input current is 0.6.
The centres of the individual Q-modules are 24cm apart.
The Q3WL has a total length of 60.5cm, a width of 17.4cm, a height of 11.9cm and a weight of 4.24kg.
Two SANlight Q3WL are therefore ideal for small growboxes with an area of 100x100cm in ECO Setup.

SANlight Q4W with 165W

The total length of the SANlight Q4W is 55.5cm length, 17.4cm width and 11.9cm height. The Q4W is therefore ideal for the following setups:
  • 1x Q4W: 80x80cm Growbox in ECO Setup
  • 2x Q4W: 100x100cm Growbox in EXPERT Setup or 120x120cm in ECO Setup

SANlight Q5W with 205W

The SANlight Q5W Grow Lamp Gen.2 is equipped with 5 Q-modules, each with a distance of 13.5cm between their centres. An efficiency of 520 PPF in the emission wave range is achieved with a power consumption of 205 watts. The maximum input current is 0.97.
The SANlight Q5W has the following dimensions: total length 69cm, width 17.4cm, height 11.9cm.
The Q5W Grow lamp is therefore ideally suited for the following setups:

  • 1x Q5W: 80x80cm Growbox in EXPERT Setup
  • 2x Q5W: 120x120cm Growbox in EXPERT Setup

SANlight Q6W with 245W

The SANlight Q6W Grow lamp of the 2nd generation is equipped with 6 Q-modules. This increases the efficiency to 62 4PPF. Therefore the modules (center to center) are 13.5cm apart.
The total length of a SANlight Q6W is therefore 82.5cm. The Q6W is 17.4cm wide and 11.9cm high.
A single SANlight Q6W of the current generation is therefore perfectly suited for a growbox of 100x100cm, i.e. one square meter in the ECO setup.

ECO Setup or EXPERT Setup?

Each after maximization intention you need an adapted effort. Do you always want to have the maximum yield, or should you also keep an eye on the power consumption? With the right setup you will find the best cost-benefit ratio for you.

The ECO Setup:

  • 50% reduced consumption than with HPS (same calculated PPFD) and same harvest quantity
  • The effort of maintenance is reduced
  • The heat development is less. At high ambient temperatures this is an important factor
  • Lower module spacing and thus lower power intensity

The EXPERT Setup:

  • 30% less consumption than with HPS (with 15-20% more calculated PPFD)
  • Chances of significantly higher yields than possible with HPS, correspondingly higher maintenance costs assumed
  • The acquisition is more expensive than with an ECO Setup
  • A dimmer is recommended

Manufacturers: SANlight
Wattage: 205 W50 W120 W245 W165 W
Phase: GrowFloweringDual


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