SMSCOM SwitchBox All-In-One 4x600 watt + 2x Fan

SMSCOM SwitchBox All-In-One 4x600 watt + 2x Fan SMSCOM SwitchBox All-In-One 4x600 watt + 2x Fan SMSCOM SwitchBox All-In-One 4x600 watt + 2x Fan SMSCOM SwitchBox All-In-One 4x600 watt + 2x Fan SMSCOM SwitchBox All-In-One 4x600 watt + 2x Fan SMSCOM SwitchBox All-In-One 4x600 watt + 2x Fan
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The SMSCOM Switchbox All-In-One is a complete control unit for lights, heater and 2 fans.
Depending on the model you can control 2 or 4 lights of a maximum of 600Watts each with the Switchbox.
The added Digital fan controller makes it possible to control 2 ventilators of max 1200 watt combined.

The operation of the SMSCOM Switchbox is analogue but the control is digital which offers many advantages over controllers without software supported control. These advantages are the temperature protection (TempProtector) for the light control, and an delayed start-automatic, which ensures, that each lamp gets turned on individually and with a little delay, to prevent peak currents.

1. Connect the lamps (ballasts) to the YELLOW outlets
2. Set the Grässlin timer clock to the correct time
3. Set the ON/OFF times on the timer using the 15 minute segments
4. Set the Grässlin timer to AUTO (clock-symbol)
5. Set the TempProtector to the desired maximum temperature (e.g. 35°C)
6. Connect the fans to the BLUE outlets (smallest fan is Fan In / largest fan is Fan Out)
7. Set the minimum ventilation speed (e.g. 30%) and the temperature (e.g. 25°C) using the 2 dials
8. Connect the heater (if applicable) to the BLACK outlet
9. Place the 2 temperature sensors in the middle of the room making sure they are not placed directly under a lamp or in the air flow
10. Plug the Switchbox into a power outlet and turn on*

Light control (yellow outlet)
With the Grässlin timer you can automatically control the ON/OFF times of the lamps in 15 minute segments
OR control the lights manually ( 0 / I ).
The TempProtector must be set to the maximum temperature, that can be reached in the room, before the temperature protection will start to turn of the lamps. If the temperature exceeds the set maximum temperature, the TempProtector will shut down one lamp after the other until the temperature drops beneath the maximum. Thanks to the built-in safety timer, the lamps will stay turned off for 30 minutes, before they are re-ignited. This protection prevents the lamps from turning back on while they are still too hot. Irrespective of the temperature, one lamp always stays on.

Double Digital fan controller (blue outlet)
The Switchbox has a Double Digital fan controller to automatically control the supply and exhaust air fans. The ventilators run day and night to maintain a set temperature.
With the 2 control dials you can program the minimum fan speed and desired temperature.
The Switchbox will automatically find the right speed for the ventilators to maintain the desired temperature.
Of course you can run the SwitchBox with only 1 exhaust fan (connect to "FAN AIR OUT").

*When the Switchbox is first turned on, the double digital fan controller will scan the room for 5 minutes to find the correct speed for the fans. During this time, the ventilators will start running faster and slower as the Switchbox calibrates. After this scanning process the double digital fan controller will always know the correct running speed for your ventilators and will adjust them accordingly.
Attention: The connected fans are not allowed to exceed a combined wattage of 1200 watt / 5 ampere Set a sufficient minimum speed! (If set too low, the fan may generate an electronic humming noise and the air in the room will not be refreshed adequately.)

Heater (black outlet)
When the lights are turned off, the heater will be activated.

Technical Details
If the light control is overloaded, the left fuse (16A) will blow and the red LED indicator will turn on.
If the fan controller is overloaded, the right fuse (5A) will blow. No LED indicator will turn on, but the fans will stop running. In both cases, you will have to reduce the strain and replace the fuses.

- DO NOT put the temperature sensors directly in the airflow or under a lamp. This could affect the function of the sensors.
- Over powering the Switchbox can result in permanent damage of the controller.
- Damages or risks, which occur due to improper use of the device, are not covered by the warranty of SMSCOM.

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