SMSCOM SwitchBox All-In-One Hybrid 4x600W

SMSCOM SwitchBox All-In-One Hybrid 4x600W SMSCOM SwitchBox All-In-One Hybrid 4x600W SMSCOM SwitchBox All-In-One Hybrid 4x600W
  • Item no.: 15002
  • Product weight: 8,00 kg


The SMSCOM Switchbox all-in-one hybrid is a perfect solution for a combination of lamps, ventilators and heaters. It is possible to control 4 lamps with 600 watt (4A). The included hybrid climate control allows to control 2 ventilators with a total output of 900 watt / 4 ampere. The operation of the Switchbox is analog and it has a digital control. The advantages are the TempProtector and a safety timer for the lamps. Due to the safety timer the lamps stay off for 30 minutes before they restart. This prevents a restart of the lamps while they are still hot. The lamps also turn on slowly to reduce the initial current.

Operation of Light Control (yellow power outlet)
The TempProtect has to be set to the maximum temperature. If the maximum Temperature is exceeded, one lamp turns off first then the second. One lamp stays on at all times. Because of the safety time the lamp for at least 30 minutes before a restart. This preserves the lifetime of the illuminant during restart. With the time switch by Grässlin, the cycle times are 15 minutes per interval. A manual control is via the OFF / AUTO / ON slide switch possible as well.

Operation of Hybrid FanController (blue power outlet)
The Switchbox has two blue slots for the ventilators. The 3 knobs on the front side of the Switchbox are to set the desired temperature, the minimal and the maximal speed.

The total output add up to 900 watt/4 ampere!

Operation of heater (black power outlet)
If the lamps are switched off, the black power outlet is provided with electricity; max 2500 watt.

Technical details:
Defect of lamp control protection (left), red LED lights up. Defect of ventilator control protection (right), no LED lights up and no ventilator is in operation.

Do not place the temperature sensor directly in the airflow or underneath a lamp, but close to the tip of the plant to assure an optimal climate. An over-operation of any kind might cause damages or failure of the box. In case of improper use, the warranty will forfeit its validity. SMSCOM is not liable for any damages or injuries that originate from the improper use of the product.

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