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SONODEC Acoustic Ducting

Sonoconnect is a series of high-flexible, acoustic and thermal insulated ventilation ducting, especially suitable for ventilation- and air conditioning systems. Sonoconnect reduces the risk of transferring conversations over the ventilation system, as well as the sound-level in the ductwork. Sonoconnect allows a high degree of sound absorption!
Sonoconnect consists of a 'micro-perforated' internal hose on the basis of an Aluconnect; surrounded by an absolutely diffusion resistant and dust proof layer, which prevents any micro fibers to get into the airstream and protects the insulation against humidity (type LS25J). The glass fiber insulation is approx. 25 mm thick. The Sonoconnect consists of a multilayer glued laminated aluminum / polyester foil, or an Aluconnect hose with the corresponding diameter and is diffusion resistant as well.

In case of fire, there is no development of toxic gases. According tests by authorized institutions have been made.