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Speed Controllers

Control the indoor climate as flexibly as the needs of your plants.

The speed controller is the most important component for the power regulation of fans in ventilation systems. A speed controller allows you to program the desired amount of exhaust as well as supply air that is brought to your plants. This allows you to create the optimal climate conditions for growing; too high or too low humidity or temperature can lead to slower growth, rot or even improved living conditions for pests.

Ventilation is especially important in the indoor area, particularly if the grow room doesn't have windows, if you don't use a grow box or if you don't have the ability to adequately ventilate. With a speed controller, you can react quickly and flexibly to the behavior of your plants, because the speed controller usually allows a continuous adjustment of the rotational speed. Speed controllers simultaneously enable you to keep fan speeds as low as possible, minimizing their power consumption.

Our online store carries speed controllers, as well as step transformers in every possible design in order to meet your growing needs. We have the right speed controller for every budget and various applications, from small-scale growing with only a few specimens to large-scale grow systems. We carefully select the device in our range, offering you only the best quality. This way, you will be sure to prolong the enjoyment of your new speed controller.