• Standard Filter

    The standard filter use tiny coconut activated carbon particles (Ø 0,4 - 0,8mm), which are manually arranged in filter fleece mats. Through the grinding of the activated carbon into particles, the odor-neutralizing surface becomes immensely bigger, which enhances the adsorption capacity of the molecules Thanks to this innovative build, the standard filters are smaller, lighter, and more efficient. more...

    Field of application:
    The standard filters are installed additionally and in combination with a fan, for an easy aeration and removal of all typical gases and odors. To guarantee an optimal absorption, it is important to ensure, that the filter is 20% oversized to the maximum cubic capacity of the fan.

    Range of performance 200m3/h - 3000m3/h
    Humidity: Room size 1 m³ - 50 m³