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Sunmaster Dual Spectrum 600W Growth + Bloom

Item no.: 10940

  • Light spectrum: 25% blue/white and 75% red/yellow
  • Suitable for growth and flowering phase
39,00 €
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Deliverydate: 29.02.2024 - 04.03.2024

Sunmaster Dual Spectrum 600W for growth and flowering phase

In different stages of development, plants need different light spectra. Plants that are still growing have different needs than plants in full bloom. To maximise a plant's potential, it is important to ensure that it grows strong and healthy, and this is only possible if the right type of lighting is used.

The Sunmaster Dual Spectrum HPS Growlight has been specifically designed to provide 10% more light than conventional HPS lamps. It has a light spectrum with 25% blue/white light and 75% red/yellow light, which are important for an optimised photosynthetic response in both the growing and flowering phases. A Sunmaster 600W Dual Spectrum HPS works well with an analogue ballast (VSA), but is certainly just as effective when combined with an electronic ballast (e-VSA).


  • Increased red and blue light compared to a standard HPS lamp.
  • Chlorophyll produces higher levels for greener, healthier plants
  • Promotes greater leaf area & mass
  • Inhibits unnatural shoot
  • Produces thicker stems

Technical data:

  • Luminous flux: 90,000 lm
  • Colour temperature: 2,000 Kelvin
  • Luminous efficacy: 150 lm/W

Attention! The lamp can only be operated with an E40 socket and the corresponding ballast.


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