Trinidad Scorpion Moruga Chili Seeds

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The chili seeds of the Trinidad Scorpion Moruga originate from the Carribean island Trinidad which is situated offshore Venezuelas. The chili seeds germinate within a period of ten to twenty days at a temperatures of 24 to 30 degrees. During the subsequent 100 days of ripening season, the small chili seeds change into chili plants and pass during the process of ripening through a color spectrum from green over orange to red. The fruits of this chili plants differ in their appearance from other chili sorts. The typical spike is missing, the fruits are in a lampion-like form and have a size of a golf ball. There comes a fruity flavor with the first bite until suddenly, the hotness prevails intensely. The Carribean chili plants of the Trinidad Scorpion Moruga ensures a special fiery and culinary experiencewith it´s high degree of spiciness. During preparation and eating of this chili plant special cautiousness is necessesary. We advice to wear a pair of gloves as well to not eat a whole chili peppers at once. The pepper is only recommended to people who are practiced in eating very hot, because individual examples can get a degree of spiciness of over 2 million Scoville. The famous scala from Wilbar L. Scoville measures the amount of capsaicin that each pepper contains which determines the hotness of the chili fruit. The higher the figure, the hotter the chili. 2 million Scoville match the degree of spiciness of a pepper spray.

- Type: Capsicum chinense
- Content: 10 pc.
- Level of spiciness: 10+++
- Scoville: approx. 1.207.764 SHU, up to 2 mio. SHU
- Optimal germination temperature: 24 - 30 °C
- Sowing: december-april
- Flowers: white (june - august)
- Growth form: bushy, 75 - 90 cm height
- Ripening: from green over orange to red
- Appearance of the fruits: lampion-like, uneven surface, approx. 4 x 4 cm
- Ripening period: 90 - 110 days
- Origin: Carribean

Caution: Only process with gloves. Keep away from children and people who are sensitive to spiciness.

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