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The ‘Ambient’ product line will be available in all the known sizes. Starting with the miniature edition Q30

Vista – Tents with viewing window

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Finally, the rectangular Grow Tent is now available! With this innovation you are now able to use even the tiniest corners of your home

What is activated carbon?


Activated carbon is man-made, very porous and pure carbon with a very big internal surface - 4 g activated carbon have

Application of activated carbon

Einsatzgebiete von Aktivkohle

The application possibilities or fields of activated carbon are extremely variegated.

What is an activated carbon filter?


By “activated carbon filter” one understands – as the name implies - a filter that contains activated carbon

Application of Filters

Einsatzgebiete von Aktivkohlefiltern

The main fields of application for activated carbon filters are in the industrial and commercial filed.

Quality of Activated Carbon

Besides the quality of the raw material itself, also the activating procedure is important for

Conservation and Reactivation

brennende Aktivkohlen

An important topic, in combination with environmental protection, is the reactivation of

Deep Water Culture


Deep water culture (DWC) is a hydroponic method of plant cultivation, where the plant roots are dipped in

Hydroponic DWC-System

Die Nutzung des hydroponischen DWC-Systems

It is advisable to start this kind of indoor cultivation with rock wool cubes. When the seeds

Conventional Methods and Information

Herkömmliche Verfahren und Information

Conventional methods prefer the utilization of plastic buckets. The plant is in a net-pot and fixed

Expanded clay aggregate (exclay)

Heated clay-pellets also known under the trademark “Hydroton” or “Hydrokorrels”, or as LECA

Rock Wool


Rock wool (or mineral wool) is probably the most common medium of hydroponics. Rock wool is



Perlite is a volcanic stone that deforms under high temperatures into very lightweight, bloated glass pearls.

Coconut Fibers


Coconut fibers, also called coir, is the material that remains after the fibers of the outer coconut shell are removed.



Vermiculite is, like perlite, another mineral that expands through overheating to lightweight pebbles.


Styropor-Flocken Styrofoam flakes are affordable, easy to obtain and have excellent drainage abilities. Though, they can be too


Kies The same kind that is used for aquariums – even though any kind of gravel can be used, as long as


Ziegelsteinscherben Brick-shards have similar characteristics like gravel. But they have an additional disadvantage, because


Sand is affordable and easy to obtain. But at the same time it is heavy and

Wood Fibers

Wood fibers, which are produced through steam-friction, are an efficient organic substrate for hydroponics.

Ebb and Flow

Ebbe und Flut Sytem

‘Ebb-and-flow’ or to ‘flood and drain’ is a form of hydroponics that is known for

Functional Principles

Funktionsprinzipien E&V

The fundamental principle of hydroponics is based on fertilized and aerated water that supplies the plant roots with

Ventilation of E&F-Systems

Belüftung innerhalb eines Ebbe-und-Flut-Systems

The ventilation within an ebb-and-flow-system is an important aspect for the operation of the installation.

Disadvantages of E&F-Systems

Nachteile E&F-Systeme

Ebb-and-flow systems are very flexible and show only a few practical disadvantages.



Aquaponics means the symbiotic cultivation of plants and aquatic animals in a water cycle.

Ancient Roots

Altertümliche Wurzeln

Some people count the Aztecan chinampas for the first evidence of aquaponics. Other refer to

The Advantages

Vorzüge aquaponischer Systeme

The unique advantages of aquaponics are the following:

The Disadvantages

Die Nachteile von Aquaponik

Some possible disadvantages that can occur with aquaponics, are the following:

Further Utilizations

Aquaponik System

Besides the permanent supply of nutrients under a minimal use of fertilizer, the aquaponics systems can be used to



In practice mostly cichlids are used for home- or commercial projects that set their goal to cultivate eatable fish.

High-Pressure Instruments

Aeroponische Hochdruck-Verfahren

Aeroponic high-pressure methods, where the drizzle is produced by high-pressure pumps, are


Niederdruck Aero

In most low-pressure operated aeroponic appliances the plant roots are hooked

Commercial Systems

Kommerzielle aeroponische Systeme

Commercial aeroponic systems include a high-pressure equipment technology and biological systems.



Aeroponics describes a form of cultivation in which plants are grown in a nutrient mist,


Aeroponics Verfahrensweisen

The basic idea of the aeroponic cultivation method is to expose the plants to a completely closed,

Advantages of Aeroponics

Vorteile Aeroponic

Many plants can be cultivated in aeroponic systems.

Aeroponic Reproduction

Aeroponische Fortpflanzung (Klonen)

The aeroponic cultivation revolutionized the cloning (reproduction from scions) of plants.

Advanced Materials

Materialien Aeroponic

The NASA funded the research and development of new advanced materials to enhance the reliability of

Water Fumigation

Wasser- und Nährstoff-Hydro-Vernebelung

The aeroponic equipment consists of nebulizers, mist generators, humidifiers, or other devices that

A Cultivation Free from Diseases

Ein Anbau frei von Krankheiten

Since the contact between the plants is minimalized and every spray-impulse can be sterile, the aeroponics

Nutrient Uptake

Nahaufnahme von Wurzeln

The nature of the aeroponics, that interval and duration are separate from each other, allows

Aeroponics / Research

 Aeroponik als nützliches Forschungsinstrument

Soon after its development, the aeroponics established itself as a useful research instrument.

Further Advantages of Air (CO2)

100 Prozent Zugriff auf die CO2-Konzentrationen

Plants that are cultivated in an aeroponic system have for the photosynthesis 100% access to

Increased Air Impact

Luftkulturen optimieren

Air cultures optimize the air supply for a successful plant growth. Materials and appliances

Gardening in the City

Gärtnern in der Stadt

Under the headline “proposition for gardening areas“ there are more and more authorities and communities appearing before the public.

Development of Urban Gardening

Entstehung von Urban Gardening

The importance of urban gardening or community gardens is growing worldwide for different reasons. The areas that are available and used for

Urban Garden Plots

Städtischen Kleingärten

Generally gardening in the city is not new, but unlike urban gardening, it used to be practiced only together with the family in the own backyard.

Goals of Urban Gardening

Ziele von Urban Gardening

Urban gardening does not know any fences or isolation like the garden plot movement. It is the generic term for collaborative gardening

Where is Urban Gardening practiced?

wo wird urban Gardening betrieben?

Just as variegated as the goals of urban gardening are, so are the places and plots that are used for cultivation. Besides parking decks, private properties,

Urban Gardening - Initiatives

Urban Gardening -Initiativen

In Germany there are – even though they are nowhere statistically recorded – almost 300 projects, that belong to the category of “community-gardens”.

NPK Fertilizer

What is the NPK
In conjunction with terms such as fertilizer, garden, plant nutrients, etc., the letters NPK or the term NPK value always come up.

Homebox PAR plus

HomeboxThe experienced Indoor gardener knows: If you want to be successfull it is all about the right lighting energy for your plants

Breeding without soil

Hydro Zucht ohne Erde

Gericke originally defined hydroponics as crop growth in mineral nutrient solutions without a solid medium for

Advantages of Hydroponics

Following, we will list a few reasons why the

Following, we will list a few reasons why the method of hydroponics is used worldwide as a method for

NFT continuous flow solution culture

NFT continuous flow solution culture

With this method the nutrient solution perpetually flows past the roots. The continuous flow solution culture

Disadvantages of Hydroponics culture

Disadvantages of Hydroponics

The conditions that happen to be inside the hydroponic system (the presence of fertilzer as well as high humidity



Solution culture and medium culture are the two main types of hydroponics. The solution culture gets along without any



The word hydroponic comes from the greek words “hydro“: water and “ponos”: work and is a technique of plant growing

Additional care until harvest

 Chili care

Since the chili plants can grow quite high (depending on the type of chili) you should prune them from



If you have planted several seeds in a pot you have to transplant smaller sprouds into bigger containers as soon



The location of your chili plant should ideally be wind-protected and sunny. To protect the plant from the wind

Flowering and Pollination

Flowering and Pollination

The flowering of the plants starts very fast and when they start to flower, they do it for the entire season.

Chili Harvest

Chili Harvest

Chilis are ripe and have a great flavour as soon as they have the right color - the final color differs and



Chili plants require a warm climate: Less than 20 ° C, the ambient temperature should be, especially during

Filter Applications

applications of activated carbon filters

The main applications of activated carbon filters can be found in industrial and commercial fields.

What is an Activated Carbon Filter

carbon filterThe term "activated carbon filter" means, as the name suggests, a filter containing activated carbon and, based on the carbon, remove undersirable.

What is Activated Carbon

Activated carbonActivated carbon is man-made, extremely porous and pure carbon with a very large internal surface (4 g of activated carbon have a surface area of about the size of a soccer field).