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Customer Product Reviews

You have the chance to review all the products offered in our shop - that way you, as a customer, can give recommendations to other customers or point out certain special advantages of a product, but of course also mention disadvantages that you have experienced. At the same time this gives you the option to read other customer reviews of products, before purchasing them. In addition we will receive a feedback about the products. If these are rather negative reactions, we can infer from them that the quality of a product or product series is inferior and if so phase out the product from our product range or replace it with a superior grade. All registered customers are able to review products, without having to purchase the correspondent product first.

Earn with reviews
In order to reward your efforts we will credit 1,00 Euro (max. 10,00 Euro/month) per unlocked review to your customer account. You can charge this credit against one of your next purchases. Hence a review equals cash.