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New Zealand-based Bluelab develops and manufactures innovative electronic measuring instruments for monitoring the pH value, conductivity and temperature. The measurement devices are used in all situations where it is essential to preset or monitor these values on a regular basis in order to promote plant growth or for health reasons, e.g. in plant cultivation, in aquariums, in pools and in agriculture.

Bluelab's compact and user-friendly pH/EC instruments are easy to use and are available in different versions for controlling the quality of water or soil samples. The LCD displays of the pH/EC instruments provide relevant information in a fast and reliable manner. It is recommended to use controllers for more demanding applications. These tools not only carry out measurements, but also automatically regulate the supply of various substances, for example to ensure that the pH value preset in the controller remains constant.

The sensitive pH/EC measuring instruments should be cleaned and calibrated on a regular basis; the calibration should be done using the calibration solutions provided by Bluelab. Careful use of these calibration solutions guarantees the longevity and reliability of the measuring instruments.
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