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Complete Grow Tent Kits HPS

Complete Grow Box Kits: Ready...Set...Grow!

Let's face it: if you want to start home grow without too much hassle, a Complete Grow Box Kit is the ideal and easiest choice. With Growland's carefully curated kits, you can rest assured that you have everything necessary to kickstart your indoor grow project.

What do our Grow Box Kits consist of?

  • A grow box: You can select a model with dimensions and features to match your project.
  • The right grow light: lighting matched to your grow box. This includes a suitable HPS (High Pressure Sodium) grow light with everything that goes with it, such as suspension, reflector, etc.
  • Effective climate control: The right exctraction fan with sufficient capacity, a carbon filter and ducting.
  • Hardware & accessories: All products that need to keep things running, such as a ballast for the grow light, a timer, extension cords and other items you might have overlooked.

A fully furnished home for your plants
Our complete grow box kits are meticulously assembled with the right components, saving you from spending endless time googling for the appropriate products on your own. Instead of being uncertain about what you need or might have overlooked, you only need to ask yourself one question: How big of a setup do I want to begin with? We cater to different preferences by offering small (yet excellent) and medium-sized grow kits. Additionally, for those looking for an larger setup, we can help you get the biggest available grow box with all the bells and whistles.

A kit for every budget: From cheap but efficient grow box kits, durable mid-range ones and first-rate complete grow kits that are worth their weight in gold. For your convenience, we have divided these kits into two categories:

Here's a brief explanation of the differences between the two complete grow box kits:

The HOMEbox® kits comprise a selection of high-quality grow tents that come with numerous additional features and conveniences. For instance, models starting from the Q100 have two viewing windows on the left and right. You can also rely on sturdy light-proof zips, fine-meshed insect netting, OmniFlow-Air vents and an ultra-reflective PAR+ coating on the inside. Moreover, most models even offer a double floorpanel. Besides the standard practical waterproof floor, most HOMEbox® models include an additional fixed tent floor, ensuring nothing can seep through. HOMEbox® grow tents are renowned for their exceptional sturdiness, boasting super stability and the capacity to support a surprisingly large amount of weight, depending on the specific model (ranging from 20Kg, 50Kg, 75Kg, 150Kg, and even 200Kg). But hey, aesthetics matter too! The HOMEbox® has a pleasant white/beige appearance on the outside and a bright white interior, ensuring the grow box won't be an eyesore in your bedroom, attic or living room. Fun fact: What you might not have known is that HOMEbox® are the inventors of the grow tent concept. They introduced the first models more than 20 years ago, inspiring other brands to follow suit and develop their own concepts and variations for indoor growing. If it wasn't for HOMEbox®, contemporary home growing might have looked very different!

The Secret Jardin kits consist of Secret Jardin's Hydro Shoot grow tents, which stand out for their low-budget, entry-level models. These models are only equipped with the bare essentials. However, this may not necessarily be a disadvantage if you have modest requirements for your grow tent and the intended purpose of its use. All models have the usual light-proof black fabric on the outside and a high-reflective silver coating on the inside. Sufficient ventilation inputs and outputs are available for setting an optimal climate in the growing environment, and an input for power cables has also been taken into account.

Ofcourse, all the grow boxes included in the complete grow box kits are designed to be waterproof, lightproof, airtight, and tearproof. These features ensure that the environment inside the boxes remains controlled and optimized for efficient home growing. The waterproof nature prevents water leakage, the lightproof design prevents light from escaping or entering when it shouldn't, the airtight feature helps manage airflow and temperature, and the tearproof construction ensures the longevity and durability of the grow boxes during their usage.

What kind of grow lights do we offer with our Grow Box Kits?

Regardless whether you choose a HOMEbox® or a Secret Jardin set, each complete grow box kit includes an effective and durable grow light, specifically tailored to the size and function of the grow tent, ensuring you have the proper lighting setup to support your indoor cultivation. For example, a High Pressure Sodium grow light (HPS) is well-suited for the flowering phase of plants. On the other hand, if your main focus is on the growth phase and cultivating cuttings and seedlings, a Metal Halogen bulb (MH) is recommended. Additionally, an MH bulb is a preferred choice when developing mother plants. For those seeking versatility throughout the complete cycle of indoor growing, a flexible Dual Spectrum HPS is advisable. This type of grow light provides the right spectrum of light for both the growth and flowering phases of your crops, making it a practical choice for various stages of plant development.

And last but not least: climate control

Not only a decent grow box and the right light are crucial for a successful indoor cultivation, but air exchange and the removal of warm, humid air are equally vital. Fresh air plays a significant role in maintaining healthy plants, and with proper air extraction, you can effectively control the climate in your growing environment. For this reason, we always equip our Grow Box Kits with the appropriate ventilation hardware, which includes a powerful extraction fan, a carbon filter, ducting, and universal hose clamps.

Here's a brief explanation of the climate control components:

  • The extraction fan is a robust tube fan that efficiently removes hot and used air, helping to regulate temperature and humidity at the desired level.
  • A carbon filter is positioned behind the tube fan; they are hung together on the ceiling of your grow box and work together to filter out any unpleasant odors from the extracted air.
  • Ducting connects the tube fan and carbon filter, effectively transporting the used and filtered air out of your grow box.
  • To ensure proper air circulation within your grow tent, we also include one of our oscillating clip fans in the Grow Box Kit.

Do you already know how you want to get started? If you have any doubts or are seeking a specific setup, you are welcome to reach out to us via chat, email, or phone. Please let us know your preferences regarding budget, expectations, and the scale of your desired start. We will be more than happy to create a personalized grow box kit designed especially for you.

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