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Nutrients Kits

Besides light and water, plants also need the right fertilizer fort he according growth phase. Here we offer combined fertilizer sets from well-known manufacturers like Canna, BioBizz, Plagron, Terra Aquatica by GHE, Hesi, BioTabs, Advanced Hydroponics, each containing nutrients for the growth and the flowering phase. Part of our selection are everything from starter sets to organic fertilizer for all kind of needs. In our shop you find the right fertilizer for your plant - guaranteed!

BioBizz or the Biocanna series are the favorite fertilizers for the organic cultivation. For the growth phase starting at approximately 10 cm till the fruit production we offer BioBizz Grow, which is a liquid fertilizer and suitable for most types of soil and substrate mixtures. Starting with the flowering period till the harvest we recommend to use BioBizz Bloom with nitrogen, phosphor and potassium.

Canna offers an 'Easy-Starter' set with both components. Canna Terra Vega is intended for the growth phase on soil and increases the root growth and development of strong shoots. In addition to several nitrogen compounds, Canna Terra Vega contains high-quality micronutrients for a faster growth. Canna Terra Flores is the equivalent for the flowering phase and generates a profuse blossom.

The fertilizer set by Hesi combines Hesi TNT-Complex for a strong growth with Hesi Bloom-Complex for the flowering phase and can be used in- as well as outdoors. The Plagron Terra Set includes Plagron Terra Bloom and Plagron Terra Grow, which especially strengthen the resistance of the plants to pests and diseases. General Hydroponics offers a 3 component fertilizer in combination with the General Hydroponics FloraMicro that supports the bloom and grow components. General Hydroponics has special fertilizers for certain plant types, e.g. roses. Most companies, especially Plagron and General Hydroponics, have also biological fertilizer systems in their product range.
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