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Growing Media

Soil & Substrates

Discover our large selection of soil mixes such as Grow Soil for Plants, Coco Soil, various media for growing such as rock wool cubes, growing soil and a wide range of garden accessories for your plants such as Perlite. The range extends from the high-quality, lightly pre-fertilised soil from BioBizz (Light-Mix) to expanded clay, which is particularly suitable for hydroponics. Our range also includes perlite, which creates ideal growing conditions for your plants due to its excellent moisture absorption and good aeration properties. Our soils can be used for horticulture as well as for indoor plants.

The soil mixtures from Canna consist of a mixture of soil, composite and perlite. In addition, the products in the Bio Plus range from Canna are made entirely from certified organic ingredients. This also applies to the BioBizz product range, whose products consist only of organic ingredients. Romberg's growing soil also does without the excessive use of artificial fertilisers. This means that your plants get all the nutrients they need without being polluted by chemical additives. Expanded clay, on the other hand, does not contain any nutrients, which is why your plants have to be supplied with nutrient solutions added to the water. In addition to hydroponics, this planting medium can be used very well for soil improvement and green roofs.

Our range of grow soil and other media for your indoor cultivation

Depending on the area of application, we have the right product for your indoor plant cultivation. You can buy grow soil, coco soil, rock wool for plants or even perlite or expanded clay. You will find products from the following manufacturers in our range:

  • BioBizz
  • Canna
  • Plagron
  • Frux
  • Terra Aquatica
  • Ugro
  • Speedgrow
  • Grodan
  • Knauf

With the right growing soil, a growing set or a growing plate, you are sure to succeed in growing new cuttings. If you have any questions about our products or indoor growing, please feel free to contact us. By phone or in our local grow shop. We are looking forward to meeting you.

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