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Ventilation & Air Control

The ventilation is a factor of plant cultivation that should not be underestimated. Especially young plants need the right growing conditions to be able to develop properly. Her you will find different types of fans, for example circular in-line fans from the manufacturers PrimaKlima, Can-Fans and S&P.

Contrary to other types of fans, they have the advantage, that they can be operated with activated carbon filters. They have the function to absorb odors out of the air. So prevent an early saturation of the activated carbon, and thereby extend the durability, they come with a pre-filtration mat that absorbs coarse particles and dust to prevent them to get in contact with the activated carbon.

To be able to operate the ventilation installations as silent as possible, we also offer silencer of different diameters and forms. That way it should be possible to find the proper silencer system for every circumstance. To achieve good results, it has been proven, that it is best to build in the silencer directly in front of and behind the fan.

Now only the correct air-conditioning technology is missing for the control of the ventilation installation. Speed controller for the regulation of the fan are available here as well as thermometer and hygrometer for the observation of temperature and humidity. To ensure, that it is neither too cold nor too dry for the plants, we also offer humidifier or heating systems, which can be regulated manually or fully automated with a digital controller.
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