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Activated carbon filter

The only scent that activated carbon filters let through is a hint of nothing.

Activated charcoal filters are filters that contain medical charcoal (Carbo medicinalis). The activated carbon has a very large surface due to its structure similar to that of a sponge. Just like a sponge, it has pores of different sizes. Depending on their size, various substances such as dust or pollutants can deposit and settle in these openings. Organic compounds, which also include odours, settle particularly well on the activated carbon. What remains after filtering is a neutral odor.

How an activated carbon filter absorbs odors

As long as there are still places free where the connections can accumulate, the coal absorbs odours. If there are no more free places, the activated carbon filter is considered saturated and can no longer absorb particles. The filter must then be replaced. The filters have a pre-filter fleece to keep away coarse particles such as dust and pollutants. In this way they do not reach the pores of the activated carbon, which prolongs its durability. Our offer for ordering in our shop includes activated carbon filters from CarbonActiv and the cheaper alternatives from PrimaKlima. These are compatible with all common ventilation systems and pipe ventilators, but the diameter must be taken into account. To connect, for example, two of the same diameter, it is best to use a connecting piece (adapter), with different diameters a reducer is then added. Thus, the activated carbon filter can be installed in existing ventilation systems without having to replace them completely.

A activated carbon filter absorbs odours

The particles are broken down into smaller particles, which increases the absorption capacity and makes them smaller and lighter. The standard filters are often used with a fan, similar to a cooker hood, for subsequent ventilation and odour removal in rooms. They are reliable in terms of exhaust air performance and processing. Their performance for at least 12 months in continuous operation makes them an excellent choice.
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