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Plant under the motto - Think inside the box

How you reap the biggest harvest at home? Definitely with growboxes, the greenhouses for indoor use.Cultivation. Even without a greenhouse and large garden is successful plant breeding in the city or generally possible in a small space. Another advantage of Homegrow in growboxes: it can be used from the outside. Climate independent. Thus, exotic plants can also thrive well in the greenhouses. Since the climate in growboxes is easy to control and individually adjustable, plants can be grown in all breeding phases under optimal conditions and thus yield the highest yields in the end. Last but not least, the following also applies to your own plant breeding: it is 100% organic. attachable.

Multiple as the plant world: our Growbox assortment

In our Growbox section you will find everything from the Growstation, from the Growtent to the Growbox, to the Growschrank to the grow room. In units of measurement this means: models with 30 x 30 x 60 cm and up to the large models with a volume of up to 300 x 300 x 255 cm, larger sizes are no problem either, and by special order possible. Thus our assortment covers everything from hobby growers to professional plant breeding. While the sizes are very varied, our Grow- andEquipment one equals high: the quality.

In addition, the boxes ensure that the additional equipment can easily be accommodated. So are the inputs and outputs for power lines, supply air and extract air are placed in a sensible way so that the frictionless I'm sure there's nothing standing in the way of your plant breeding. In addition, many boxes, such as the HOMEbox Ambient Series, a double bottom that ensures that no water can escape from the box. And the weight of the complete Growset is no problem either: Ambient growboxes - for example the model R240 - have a load capacity of 150 kg, which makes them suitable for even the heaviest LED lamps and activated carbon filter is sufficient.

Plants that are entirely from greenhouses

The fact that they absorb very little light, for example, and instead of that reflect very strongly. A particularly high degree of reflection, 100% light-tight claddings, absolute Watertightness and much more offer solid breeding cabinets from the DiamondBox Silverline as well as the Hydro Shoot series from Secret Jardin. They are also suitable in price especially for hobby breeders.

One grow cabinet for each grow project

A more sophisticated alternative: the GrowLab Grow Rooms. From a single grow cabinet to a complete and practical grow set, you will find everything you need for optimal grow results in this series.

The premium categories of our Growbox range are HOMEbox Ambient and the Evolution PAR+ series. Equip the grow cabinet with many extras to improve the climate to ensure the best possible growth and flowering for every plant species.

The Dark Room series by Secret Jardin, on the other hand, captivates with a very special kind of grow tents, which are among other things very well suited for the breeding of mother plants, cuttings.

Grow up to Growpro with new projects and tasks

Unlike us, plants in growboxes actually live only on light, air and love. As already briefly mentioned above: the right accessories ensure the optimal light and air conditions in your grow tent. You provide the perfect lighting for your plants with controllable lamps. Depending on which growth phase and which plant you want to grow, we have a wide selection so that you can find the right lamp with the right wattage value for your project. Together with a suitable ventilation system you have a good basis for a well functioning Grow Set. Of course, we also offer accessories and individual parts for your growbox, as well as frame amplifiers, which ensure better stability of the Growschrank, climate controller or additional CO2 supply. At In the end you have to put a little love and passion into your cultivation project. Yours is free of charge. And at the latest, when you reap your fill, you know that they are not was in vain.

With a Premium Growbox to top results

If we don't have a suitable complete set in our existing sets for you, no problem, we will provide you with your individual together. If you have any questions about the individual components, growsets or general growing topics, please feel free to contact our customer service team. We especially recommend indoor growing beginners to get advice before they order. We will help you immediately and make sure that our customers only buy items that are compatible with each other. and are compatible.
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