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Fertiliser for all cases - and your plants will thank you for it.

In this category you will find the fertilisers that are vital for plants. Fertilisers are divided into organic and mineral plant fertilisers. Without these valuable nutrients, your tomato plant or other vegetable will not grow a healthy green, or the fruits will not develop a flavour or will even cripple. Therefore, it is necessary to give them this nourishment. Organic biological fertiliser is compost or manure, but many hobby gardeners do not have access to this.

There are, however, organic mineral plant fertilisers from Crazy Hills or Hesi, for example. If you like it completely organic, you can use the products from BIOBIZZ or Biotabs. These product ranges are plant-based and do not contain any mineral additives. BIOCANNA, for example, is also a 100% organically produced fertiliser.

If you want to help your flowering plants to bloom beautifully and produce tasty fruit, you will also find numerous boosters or flower stimulators to maximise your harvest. Fertilisers from other manufacturers contain valuable minerals and trace elements to prevent deficiency symptoms in flowering plants as well as in green plants. For beginners or even advanced gardeners, there are starter sets that can be used not only in soil but also on other substrates such as rock wool or coconut fibre.

Our fertiliser assortment

Among others, we offer grow fertilisers from the following manufacturers:

  • Advanced Nutrients
  • Advanced Hydroponics
  • Atami
  • BioBizz
  • BioCanna
  • BioTabs
  • Canna
  • Crazy Hills
  • Green House Seed Co.
  • Guanokalong
  • Hesi
  • Plagron
  • Terra Aquatica by GHE
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