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Whether a colourful floridity for the balcony or a diversified vegetable bed: the success of a gardener begins with the plant propagation. In order to be able to reap the fruits of one´s labour, the first sprout has to pullulate and subsequently, the tender and young plant has to win enough stability and strength, to grow. This succeeds best with a grow house. You find optimal growth conditions in those breeding stations for plants.

Light, humidity, and temperature are perfectly adjusted to the requirements of the plant. These breeding stations for plants subdivide into aeroponic- and plant propagators.

Aeroponic propagators forgo planting soil. Instead, the plant breeding succeeds with a nutrient solution. Whereas common plant propagators are filled with potting soil or another substrate. You can find different models, ranging from plain plastic-greenhouses through to lighted and heated breeding stations. The used subtstrate as well as fertilzer differs depending on the plant. The utilization of modern aeroponic growing systems or classical greenhouses depends on the needs and preferences of the hobby-gardener.

In our choice of products you can find the suitable growing station for your plants - whether for cut flowers, tomatoe plants, cacti or culinary herbs.

After the plant breeding has been successful and the young plants have been repotted into larger pots, the growing station can be re-used for further breedings after it has been cleaned thoroughly.
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