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Choosing the right growing medium is crucial for the growth of your cuttings. At Growland we only stock the best manufacturers of growing soil, seeding soil, growing cubes, peat pots and rockwool so you can make the best choice for your needs.

Growing soil is a special type of soil that has been specially developed for growing cuttings and seedlings. Growing soil is very rich in nutrients and contains everything cuttings need to grow healthy and strong. When buying growing soil, it is important to choose a brand that is known for its high quality and recommended by other gardeners.

Another option is seeding soil. Seeding soil is intended for sowing seeds, but is also good for growing cuttings. Seeding soil is usually not as nutrient-rich as growing soil, but it is cheaper and works well for gardeners who do not want to invest in more expensive growing soil.

A practical and easy solution for growing cuttings are growing cubes. The cubes are made of nutrient-rich material that the cuttings need to grow. Cultivation cubes are easy to use because you only have to put the cutting in and water it. They also take up less space than other growing materials and are ideal for small gardens or for growing on patios.

Growland's peat source pots are made of peat, which is nutrient-rich and breathable. This means that cuttings can grow well in peat swell pots without having to worry about the soil getting too wet. Peat-swell pots are also very practical because you can plant them directly in the garden without having to repot them. This saves time and minimises stress for the cuttings.

Rockwool is another popular material for growing plants, especially cuttings. This is because rockwool has an excellent moisture retention capacity, which is important for the germination and growth of cuttings.
A great advantage of using rockwool for growing cuttings is that it allows excellent air circulation. This helps to ensure that the root system of the cuttings remains healthy and can develop effectively. In addition, rockwool is light and easy to handle, making it suitable for beginners and experienced gardeners alike.

Overall, growing medium, seeding soil, growing cubes, peat swell pots and rockwool each offer their own advantages for growing cuttings. Choose the growing medium that best suits your needs and preferences and you will be rewarded with healthy and vigorous plants.

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