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Grow Accessories

Your plants are important to us and for that reason we offer a big selection of plant accessories. To those belong PH-/EC-measurement devices, green houses, planting pots and hydroponics systems. Furthermore, you will also find everything needed for seedlings and other accessories to work with.

PC-/EC-measurement devices indicate if the PH- and EC-value of your irrigation water is healthy for your plants. It is important, that you constantly recalibrate the devices with the buffer solution, because only then you can be sure that the values are correct.

Greenhouses do not have to be big, even small planting pots are sufficient to optimally cultivate seedlings if the right and adjusted light- heat- and humidity-conditions are given. Available are different solutions, also for small spaces. For planting containers and pots, it is not only important, that they look nice, but also they have to fit the particular plant. But don´t worry - in our wide range of different pots you will definitely find the right one.

Hydroponic systems make it possible to grow your plants in water instead of soil. In those systems the plants are provided with a mineral nutriment solution in place of having to water them. That way you can optimally control the nutrient solutions and your plants will flourish. Of course we have products of this sector available as well.
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