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LED Grow Lights

Energy-saving and durable: Grow lamps with LED technology

LED grow lamps are currently the best choice on the market when it comes to optimal lighting of Plants goes. The unbeatable advantage: LED technology is superior to conventional incandescent light bulbs and energy saving lamps and even in direct comparison to sodium vapour lamps (HPS) or even Metal halide lamps far superior. For example, a plant lamp with LED panels, in contrast to a all other illuminants much lower watt values for the same lumen values and is therefore in the test significantly more efficient. Grow lamps with LEDs are available in numerous versions from manufacturers such as Greenception, Sanlight from Austria or Purple Alien, BlackDog from the USA, who are Serving claims.

Use the advantages of LED Grow Lamps

For indoor plant breeding, the right light is particularly important and so are the right lamps on. With the choice of the right lamp, the different growth phases can be from the growing phase through the growing phase to the flowering phase. LED Grow Lamps are ideally suited for this application and convince by several points:

  • Grow lamps with LED technology provide the perfect light without significant waste heat.
  • LED plant lamps have a high energy efficiency thanks to the significantly lower Power consumption on.
  • The plant light from LED is extremely low-maintenance and long-lasting.
  • In comparison to other types of lighting, LED light-emitting diodes are not subject to wear and tear, and provide a constant spectrum of colours and the same light intensity even after many years.
  • All together makes the operation of a LED Grow lamp very effective and cost-effective, despite of the higher purchase price. The main reason for this is the electricity saved.

Mature LED technology for fast maturing plants

The light of the LED plant lamps is due to years of research - especially by the two market leaders Osram and Cree - optimally matched to the needs of this special lighting. Even for There is no better alternative than the cultivation phase or the rearing of seedlings. Larger areas can be optimally illuminated with the powerful LED fixtures or panels, for smaller areas, individual, individually combinable LED spots or a cluster with 3 to 3 LEDs are more likely to be used. 15 watts in question. In the event that the area under cultivation increases, the lighting systems simply grow with it. For this some manufacturers offer expandable modules. So you can start with a single module and to complete this one by one.

The right color spectrum for optimal plant light

The red and blue color spectrum emitted by the LED plant light is crucial for a healthy and even growth of the plants. Through the use of these different types of light, the ensures that the plants receive exactly the light they need, depending on the growth phase. The best way to achieve this is to use LED fittings in which several individual LED spots with an adapted color spectrum to unfold its effect.

Comfortable, user-friendly technology

The LED grow lamps show their strengths and quality in continuous operation. The built-in ventilation of the The valves operate very quietly and ensure maintenance-free operation usually via several 10,000 hours. They are not only supplied ready for connection with plugs. In some cases it can even be controlled from anywhere by means of an app via WLAN and thus adjusted at any time as required will be. This allows for individual control at home growing whenever necessary.
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