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Extraction Kits

With the proper extraction kit, the ventilation of small, as well as bigger rooms is not a problem. Some products are also available in a noise-reduced design and therefore have only a very silent operating noise. If you decide for an extraction kit with a high-quality circular in-line fan, the ideal air exchange in all rooms will be given - optional also available with an activated carbon filter. The right extraction kit for both, the private and the industrial use, are available in a variety of sizes and capacities as well as with different features.

The 'CarbonActive' activated carbon filters are light, have a small size and neutralize odors reliably. With a rarely noticeable loss of power, the products from CarbonActive are able to absorb all odors and create a comfortable room climate. The option to install a silencer with the particular extraction kit, to generate a preferably low operating noise, is possible as well.

Through this additional element, the products are noise-reduced and are perfectly suitable for small rooms, where the noise level is important. To these sets belong the kits of the silent Carbon line that come with the S&P circular in-line fan, which are made especially sound absorbing. The extraction kits also include further important accessories, which enable a fast and easy installation in all rooms.

The perfect extraction kit will suit your requirements completely. Weather it is supposed to be equipped with a high-power circular in-line fan, a reliable activated carbon filter, or should be in a noise-reduced design: the selection of different products available in ecological or industrial version, as well as products from the CarbonActive-line, have been composed in a way that there is the perfect solution for everybody.