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Plant Protection

If outside in the yard or in the living room - plants do not just delight the beholder, they also distribute atmosphere and flair to a place. To be able to enjoy them as long as possible, the protection of the plants is essential. There are several possibilities to strengthen your plants. For example it is possible to protect plants from mycosis and environmental influences by using liquid extracts or different kind of grits. These products that are made to strengthen the plants are at the same time perfect for pest control. That way it is possible to avoid deficits in the harvest and the plant can unfold its full glory. Remedies for strengthening plants are available produced on the basis of microorganisms, but also as conventional plant extracts, organic complexes as well as products based on the principles of homeopathy. To achieve a well-directed and efficient plant strengthening and pest control, it is important to match the product with the needs of each plant. Therefore the manufacturers offer different products for pest control of, for example, vine lice or mosquitoes. The most natural way of pest control is to use beneficial organisms. In order for this method to be most effective, it is important to put out the beneficial organisms preventative, already before the actual pest infestation. Since it is advised to set aside the application of poisons during the bloom, these beneficial organisms are the perfect alternative. To generate a high success rate, it is recommended to bring out the beneficial organisms regularly within the growing area. This should be done every two to three weeks.
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