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Complete LED Grow Kits

Buy complete grow sets with high quality LED grow lights.

In our growbox complete sets LED category you can find different sets for an easy start into homegrowing in our online shop. All sets contain a grow box with a perfectly sized LED grow lamp. This is available in sizes from 30x30x60cm for growing small plants up to grow boxes with more than 2 metres length. The most common dimensions for grow boxes range from 60x60cm to 150x150cm. Let yourself be inspired by the LED set here in the shop and buy the right products online.

Let your plants grow an LED.

Our Grow LED Sets contain only high quality LED grow lights like the Lumatek Attis or Lumatek Zeus Pro or Compact Pro, Cluster LED's from Greenception or the grow lights of the Q-Series Generation 2 from Sanlight.

With the right grow LED set for your indoor grow, you can be sure to have a grow box with perfect illumination and highest efficiency for your plants. The complete set includes an exhaust air set suitable for the volume and all accessories such as pots, saucers, timer, thermo-hygrometer and more.

The exhaust air set also consists of fans, filters, hoses and hose clamps or sleeves. Of course, lamp suspensions are also part of the set, so that your new growbox LED lamps can be hung professionally. As you can see, the LED complete sets really do contain all the accessories you need. You can find out more about the individual products in the sets on the product pages.

There are no limits to the composition of individual sets, our range of variations is huge. You would rather have a CAN filter, the new SANlight EVO LED grow lamp or the new Lumatek ATS PRO in your set or you are still missing a suitable greenhouse for growing. Then don't hesitate and contact us.

LED Growbox Complete Set and what else?

After buying a LED grow box complete set in our online shop, you only need soil, grow fertiliser and of course your plants. And then you can get started. If you want to start with seeds, you will also need growing media, greenhouses and, if necessary, a heating mat. If you don't find what you need in our LED grow sets, contact us and we will put together a grow set for you and your project in which all components are compatible and coordinated with each other. Important information for us are:
  • How much space do you have or need?
  • What is your budget for a complete LED grow set?

We will then send you your LED grow set quickly and, as always, neutrally packaged.

Why is Growland the right supplier for the right LED set?

Growland is staffed by professionals who know the products inside out and are there to help you with any questions you may have. This is how we ensure that customers receive the right product. We also ensure fast and reliable delivery of our Growtent LED sets. Another advantage: We offer customers the highest flexibility in the choice of payment methods, such as purchase on account or instalments, payment via PayPal, credit card, cash on delivery, cash online and more.

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