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Pots, pails and crates.

Plants create a pleasant atmosphere in indoor and outdoor areas. In the right plant container a plant grows and thrives and unfolds a relaxing and refreshing effect. A classic plant pot is the terracotta clay pot. There are flower pots made of various materials on the market: wood, fibreglass, clay, fabric and metal. The practical plastic flowerpot, plant bags and grid pots for hydroponic cultivation are suitable for use in indoor grow. We offer these products in different sizes from 0.27 to 39 litres.

Gronest is made of 100% recycled material. The special flexible and airy fabric of Gronest prevents ring rooting when the tips of the roots get caught in the fabric and form many new fine roots from the main shoot. The special fabric also ensures a high breathability. It is washable and can be used several times.

Which pot matches my plant?

How large the volume of the vessel should be depends on the size of the plant and the extent of its roots. Correctly adjusted, the container and the plant always have a secure footing and the root finds sufficient space to develop. Many plastic flower pots, such as polypropylene, are equally suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Plastic pots also have the advantage that they are lighter than clay pots and that large plants in particular can therefore be easily converted. Square pots are ideal for stringing many pots together. The plant pots in our shop are of robust quality and can be easily planted.

In our shop we also offer various coasters, plant trays and channel bottoms with drains on which the planters can be placed. You can also find biological plant soil and fertilizers in our shop.
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